About The Club (A Brief Summary)
Adventures Football Club was founded in the year 2000 by Raul Gamez, Cruz Gamez and Luis Morales, as an experimental family venture to provide our family an alternative to the usual activities for the weekend which included watching television, going to the river, playing video games, etc. The word quickly began to spread and it wasn’t long before our player base began to grow. We soon had the participation of children and youth from both San Ignacio and Santa Elena.From the start we were faced with many obstacles. We did not have enough players to separate the children by age group so we had to group them based on the age of the oldest player. Of course this was a great mismatch as we had more younger players than older players, but we did not want to leave anyone out. Our original idea was to field a team for a tournament, which presented the even bigger challenge, tournaments were non existent.

We found motivation in this. We began to train on weekends alternating between the Victor Galvez Stadium and Sacred Heart College Field. We started to look for other individuals who had youth teams and began to organize games and marathons for our players.

By the year 2002 we had established links with several teams, locally and even international. One of our biggest link was with Rene Montero who was running the Benque Football Academy. Between both groups we got the opportunity to host three groups from Communicaciones which is one of the biggest professional team from Guatemala. It coincided with AIDS day so we got support from the AIDS Alliance. The teams were for ages U12, U15 and U17.

In 2003 we were invited by Communicaciones to their “Torneo Interclubes” which was an international tournament for children and youth in categories U13 and U16. This was like a dream to us. We decided to participate in the tournament and took teams in both divisions. It was a great experience for us and the players. We played the youth teams from Olimpia (Honduras), Barcelona (El Salvador), Municipal (Guatemala) and of course Communicaciones (Guatemala).

In the local front we continued to organize games with village teams. In collaboration with Benque Academy we organized a youth league which had the participation of teams from Santa Elena, United Ville, Cristo Rey, Benque and of course San Ignacio. We started to travel more often to other districts to play both games and tournaments.

To give our players international activity we helped organize a tournament during the Easter Holidays for three consecutive years. This tournament had the participation of teams from Guatemala, California (USA), Belize and of course our Cayo Selection which consisted of players from San Ignacio and Santa Elena. The Cayo Selection won on all three occasions.

In 2011 we organized a tournament held under the name “Football For All” and was organized with financial support from Belize Telemedia. It had the particiaption of teams from 7 Miles, Cristo Rey, Bullet Tree, United Ville, George Ville, Benque Viejo, Santa Elena and San Ignacio.

In 2015 we are carrying on a female tournament comprising of six teams as well as partnering with BELCARE for organizing and conducting grassroots clinics and sessions for both children and coaches.

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